The SALUTE Report

SALUTE Strategies was named for the acronym “S.A.L.U.T.E”, taught in the US Marine Corps. SALUTE is a quick way to remember what information is most important when assessing the enemy forces. With our beginnings in political consulting, SALUTE seemed an appropriate name and is actually useful when forming campaign strategy.

As printed in the United States Marine Corps, School of Infantry, Marine Combat Training Battalion Student Handout:

REPORTING INFORMATION, CS11002, Section 4, Page 228-229:

4. SALUTE Report. The standard format for reporting enemy information is the SALUTE report. SALUTE is an acronym that stands for Size, Activity, Location, Unit identification, Time, and Equipment. The report body should be brief, accurate, and clear. Facts and opinions are distinguished. If secondhand information is reported, its source is included. SALUTE reports include all information of value, first bout the enemy, and then about the originator. Messages are printed in block letters. Individual items of information are numbered and separated into paragraphs.

a. Information about the enemy must cover:

(1) Size and/or strength of the enemy.

(2) Actions or activity of the enemy.

(3) Location of the enemy and direction of movement.

(4) Unit identification. The designation of the enemy unit may be derived from unit markings, uniforms worn, or thorough information provided by enemy prisoners.

(5) Time and date the enemy was observed.

(6) Equipment and weapons observed.

b. Information about the originator or writer must cover:

(1) Location at the time of enemy observation referenced to an identifiable terrain feature, by map coordinates, by the back azimuth from each of two identified points, or the back azimuth and distance from one known point.

(2) Intentions of the originator and/or observer. Examples include, remain in position? Continue on the mission?

c. An example of an appropriate SALUTE report posted from a scouting position could be:

(1) Four enemy fighters

(2) Conducting vehicle-mounted patrol along Route Blue

(3) Grid Coordinates 783209 moving east

(4) Part of local Taliban militia

(5) Observed 20020106 at 1545

(6) Wearing traditional clothing and carrying 4 AK-47’s with possible additional weapons in the back of red Toyota pickup truck

(7) Observer’s location is grid coordinate 780209

(8) Will remain in position


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