Non Profit Organizations

SALUTE Strategies strives to promote causes. Our slogan “Consulting for a Cause” echoes our commitment to promoting ideas, ideals, and people we believe in. While not all candidates are a good fit for SALUTE, most ideas and ideals are. We have a commitment to the betterment of the world, America, and South Carolina. Most non-profit organizations share in this belief. Therefore, our non-profit work is non-partisan, not political, and always professional.
Services we offer are:

Start-up Organizations: SALUTE Strategies specializes in start-up campaigns. We can help you turn your idea into reality. Filing 501(c)3 organizational documents, organizing a board of directors, and start-up fundraising.

Social Media Development: Times are changing, and your organization must change with it to stay competitive for grants. If you need web design, online advertising, or a complete overhaul of your online presence, we can help. We also offer “coaching” for your staff on effective usage of Social Media as well as the best ways to reach members using new technologies.

Traditional Development: Fundraising is the fuel to your organization. When the money dries up, so does your ability to continue working. Therefore, from high dollar donors, to $5 and $10 donors, as well as foundation grants and government grants, SALUTE Strategies can help expand and grow your non-profit organization’s assets.

Events Planning: Whether it be an annual members meeting, fundraiser, or just a community event, SALUTE can help execute your event with military precision.

“Focusing”: There’s not really a good way to put this, but some organizations lack focus. A poor focus from employees, board of directors, or volunteer staff can cause an organization to face failure. SALUTE will step in and refocus the team. A good vision is the pathway to success in this business, and we can help your organization see that vision clearly.

Each non-profit is unique, and therefore the needs of the organization are unique. In many cases, internal quarrels, poor performance, or general confusion can be solved with a little outside help. Don’t hire new employees only in the hope that they can offer new perspective. SALUTE consulting can offer this service professionally, with only a short term investment rather than a long term contract for new employees. Contact us today for more information.


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