“SALUTE Strategies is about more than marketing. It is about reaching out to people. Whether you have a product to sell, a cause to promote, or if you are a candidate who is seeking election, SALUTE Strategies takes a personal stake in your success.”

-Riley Harvell, Founder SALUTE Strategies

SALUTE Strategies

…began as a political consulting firm that managed campaigns for local and state elections as well as statewide ballot initiatives. We specialize in the State of South Carolina, a unique and diverse population. As SALUTE began to grow, opportunities emerged to apply the knowledge we learned during election cycles to consumer behavior for small businesses. Our experience and knowledge in the areas that affect small business is extensive, from local businesses operating on main street to large businesses reaching across the state and nation. Additionally, SALUTE has used the knowledge gained in grassroots organization during ballot initiatives to help build non-profit organizations. While most consulting firms work elections, others only service the non-profit sector, while still others only serve the business sector. SALUTE recognized that by taking the best strategies employed by all three a new and innovative strategy can be developed to maximize the potential of any organization. It is also cost saving for businessmen who seek public office or community members who want to start a non-profit organization. We can work with you to provide the best service at the lowest cost.


The mission of SALUTE Strategies is to maximize the potential of clients through unique managerial strategies, maximizing fundraising potential, and a core belief in the causes we work to support.

Unique Managerial Strategies

SALUTE Strategies is a one stop shop for people who want to make a difference. Whether that means a new business, a non-profit cause, or running for political office, we can help you get started on the right track. While our specialty is start-up projects (since that is how most campaigns came to us) our work history includes a number of organizations and clients who come to us for help revitalizing a failing project. We take a unique approach to problem solving, encouraging new fund raising techniques, alternative marketing planning, and strategic campaign structure.


It’s all about the money. If your business does not generate income, if your non-profit cannot raise money, or your campaign is broke, SALUTE Strategies can help. With a few adjustments, most organizations can see a new influx of funding through previously unexplored avenues.

Consulting for a Cause

SALUTE Strategies is a partisan organization. We pick and choose clients based on our ability to market them with a core belief in their principles. For most businesses and non-profit organizations, this is not a problem. All we want is to make sure that we don’t “sell our souls” to candidates or causes for a paycheck. You can be assured that when we begin work for you, that we take a personal stake in your success.

Connect With Us

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